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Navigating real estate and safety amid COVID-19

March 18, 2020

March 18, 2020

First and foremost, we wish everyone the best during this dynamic and evolving situation. To operate as an adaptable business, it’s imperative to recognize when an environment is changing and consistently align our services to continue supporting our clients, and people in general. We continue to monitor the health and economic situations which allows us to communicate information and keep everyone in the loop. If you want to connect with us, simply send an email to hello@unity.re and we’ll reach out.

RESOURCE: Monitor the list of essential workplaces to see how it may have effects.

RESOURCE: Official COVID-19 Ontario government updates to help understand the situation.

UPDATE: As Ontario has announced further updates and measures regarding the spread of COVID-19, we will be continuing to strictly operating on a case by case basis regarding buying, selling and leasing of properties. Together, we’ll discuss what the most appropriate next steps would be and whether this is the correct environment for certain real estate processes. As the environment and situation changes, we’ll continue to adjust our business operations accordingly.

Minimizing exposure and health risk is at the forefront of our focus along with maintaining an update on the real estate and economic markets.

In real estate, each client has a specific and unique scenario. The guidance we provide will continue to be based on each client’s independent needs and how to best navigate the process from there. Here’s how we’re going to help with preventing further COVID-19 spread. We’re always open to recommendations and input, especially in these situations; we all work together.

We’re Here To Help
We’re always available for a chat. There are many different situations to navigate and we are available for support, advice and to provide real estate services if required. For anyone reading this that might have questions, feel free to connect with us, we’re here to help as much as we can 🙂

Remote Viewing
For our buyer clients, we offer remote viewings through whichever video chat provider you prefer (Google Hangouts, Whatsapp, Facebook, + more). This is a service that many of our international clients make use of.

Electronic Deposits
All deposits being received for our listings will be accepted through Wire Transfer to our office. This service has already provided convenience to many clients. In this situation, it helps minimize contact chains through passage of physical bank drafts. It’s also just a generally more efficient and secure process.

Legal And Contractual Updates
Given the many variables in real estate such as closing dates, deposits, buyer/seller timelines and more, proper integrity and protection of our clients is important. We continue to consult with lawyers to ensure contracts are updated to reflect the environment.

3D Property Models
Whenever possible, we offer a 3D model of the property we are selling on behalf of a client. This has proved effective at attracting out of area buyers for our sellers. In this environment, it will help provide more information to active buyers without requiring a physical visit to the property. This is extremely helpful during the research phase.

Remote Document Reviews
With the effectiveness of electronic signatures, document reviews have been streamlined with the ability to do them remotely. We can always review documents remotely through video chat, phone or email. This not only minimizes further contact chains, but also adds convenience for many clients. We primarily use electronic signatures in our existing business systems and will continue to utilize this as one of our measures in this new environment.

Open Houses
Taking into account the recommendations of health organizations on how to minimize contact chains and the spread of COVID-19, open houses will not be held until there is further instruction from government that it is safe to resume. Buyers will be able to continue touring properties online through photos, 3D models and videos.

Research + Information
We’re always keeping a pulse on the economic and real estate markets. There will continue to be people that are active in real estate transactions and therefore we’ll continue to provide as much information, research and detail to clients. Prior to seeing any properties, we always conduct very thorough research to ensure the property is worth dedicating our client’s time to seeing. We always maintain fully transparent communication with the client during the research phase and the entire process.

Our Integrity
Our representatives will continue to maintain the utmost integrity with daily operations. We’re taking internal precautions by hosting all meetings and communication remotely. We have redundancies in place to allow seamless client services even if we need to re-assign to a different IVANRE representative, we have you covered. We care about our team at IVANRE and ensuring good health for our people and their families is super important.

We’re all people and we’re all navigating this situation together. We’ll keep helping as much as possible to move things in a positive direction. We’ll continue to be here for our clients and maintain our efficient, ethical, modern and detail driven services. Feel free to connect with us for any questions, advice or if you simply wish to chat. All the best from everyone at IVANRE.

March 18, 2020

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